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Windows 7 and Dal-WPA2 802.1x Authentication

Information Technology Services (ITS) has installed a new certificate on the server that deals with 802.1X authentication on the Dal-WPA2 wireless network. As a result of this change, Windows 7 is presenting the user with a Windows Security Alert dialog box stating the following:

"The connection attempt could not be completed.

The Credentials provided by the server could not be validated. We recommend that you terminate the connection and contact your administrator with the information provided in the details. You may still connect but doing so exposes you to security risk by a possible rogue server."

The options are to Terminate or Connect. If you click on Details you will see that the Radius Server is network-authentication.dal.ca and the Root CA is GeoTrust Global CA. If you see these two names in the detail of the security alert you should click Connect in order to connect to the wireless network. If the two names are anything other than what is stated above you should click on Terminate.

Please note that if you click on terminate you will not be connected to the wireless network and you will not be able to connect until you manually install the proper certificate. Contact the Helpdesk for instructions or assistance on reinstalling the proper certificate.

Windows 7 Certificate Warning for Wireless

NOTE: This situation will only present itself until the user has accepted the certificate by clicking Connect. After accepting, the Security Alert will no longer pop up.