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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Information Technology Services is pleased to provide VPN for the Dalhousie University community. Several software clients are available for connection to the campus VPN service. The choice of client is governed by the operating system you are using.

What is VPN?

Our VPN service enables you to:

  • connect to the Dalhousie campus network from any Internet service provider
  • access the internet if unable to use WPA2 from any of our Wireless Zones on campus
  • appear as if you are directly connected to the Dalhousie campus network.
  • access services that are restricted to the Dalhousie network.
  • protect the contents of your communication with campus computing resources as the VPN service encrypts all traffic providing an extra measure of security.

How do I sign up for VPN service?

All Dalhousie students, faculty and staff will have usernames and passwords to access the campus network through the VPN. This username and password would be the same ones you use to access your email account.

How do I configure my computer to use the Dalhousie VPN service?

Choose the Install Software link to proceed with the steps of downloading, installing and running the Cisco VPN client software.

NOTE: The VPN client software is only licensed for use by Dalhousie students, faculty and staff. You will be challenged for your username and password before being granted access to the software download page.

When to use the VPN?

DO use the VPN client when:

  • when travelling or working from home
  • accessing any restricted-to-campus network services (such as library databases)
  • working with the Banner Application or any of the administrative servers

DO NOT use the VPN client if:

  • generally surfing the web (it makes surfing slower especially graphics-intensive pages)