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Dalhousie offers wireless internet on its campuses for Dalhousie community members who have a NetID. Any type of wireless device can access the network.

Available Networks

1. Eduroam

Eduroam lets people from other higher education institutions get internet access at Dal.

2. WPA2 - Dal wireless network

Dal’s secure Wi-Fi Protected Access network – for general use (NetID required).

3. Dal Residence network

Students living in any Dal residence can access the Dalhousie Residence WiFi network. Search for Residence and log on using your Dalhousie NetID username and password.

4. Dal wireless VPN network

You need to use VPN on your device to get internet access on the Dal network. Follow these instructions only if the device you have is not capable of using the WPA2 network. More information about our VPN service.

Creating guest access

Full-Time Employees are able to create and issue temporary guest accounts to visitors (Employees/Students from other universities may be able to use Eduroam). Create a guest account.

Get help

The Help Desk provides Dalhousie students, faculty and staff with information and assistance with computing questions and problems, including: e-mail, password resets, wireless access, and usage of the university's IT resources.

Contact Help Desk

Residence students: Technical support for Residence WiFi and Eastlink Stream is available 24/7 via:

  • eastlink.ca/oncampus
  • 902-377-4325 for Halifax residence support
  • 902-843-4325 for Truro residence support